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maintenance on aviation electronics systems, including communication, radar, navigation, antisubmarine warfare sensors, electronic warfare, data link, fire control, tactical displays, and associated equipment. The electrical and instrument branch, staffed by Aviation Electrician’s Mates (AEs), maintains the batteries and aircraft electrical and instrument systems. The armament branch is manned by Aviation Ordnancemen (AOs) who maintain armament and ordnance-related equipment. Q24. Q25. Q26. Q27. Q28. Q29. Q30. What is the concept of quality assurance? The achievement of quality assurance depends on what factors? What is the purpose of the system administrator/analyst at the organizational maintenance level? Who has the responsibility, as well as many other responsibilities, to identify material deficiencies and high man-hour consumption trends? What work center plans, schedules, andprovides positive control of all maintenance performed on or in support of the activities assigned aircraft? What branches or work centers make up the aircraft division? The avionics/armament division consists of what work centers? Line Division.—Personnel from many different aviation ratings normally man the line division. Personnel who are assigned to the line division might be aviation machinist’s mates, structural mechanics, electricians mates, or even personnel who are striking for the Aviation Storekeeper (AK) and Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (AZ) clerical ratings. This is the division to which you will probably be assigned first. Here, you will be introduced to the types of aircraft that are flown in your squadron. Chapter 5 of this TRAMAN covers the line division in detail. Intermediate Maintenance (I-Level) The primary mission of I-level maintenance is to enhance and sustain the combat readiness and mission capability of supported activities. I-level maintenance does this by providing quality and timely material support at the nearest location with the lowest practical resource expenditure. I-level maintenance is usually performed in a centrally located area in support of operating aircraft on shore stations, aboard ships, or within designated areas. Intermediate maintenance activities (IMAs) are not assigned aircraft for operational purposes. They concentrate their efforts on repairing and testing aircraft components. The organizational structure of the IMA is similar to the organizational structure of the OMA. But, because the IMA is larger than the OMA, it has more divisions. The I-level maintenance organization is made up of maintenance managers, staff divisions, and production divisions, which are shown in figure 1-2. Figure 1-2.—Intermediate-level maintenance department organization (ashore). 1-9

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